Premiering: No Reservations Season 3

We usually enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows, and we usually enjoy telling you about new happenings in the food world,

so we…five eighths or so enjoy informing the readership of the premiere of the third season of No Reservations, tonight at 9c on the Travel Channel. You know, if you have digital cable or satellite. The rest of you can read his books or something.

Tonight’s episode finds Tony in Shanghai, but check it: the schedule has Bourdain in NYC next week, followed by Sao Paolo, Tahiti, and…Cleveland. Woo! that’s only 345 miles away. One can almost feel the deep rumblings of Tony’s stomach from that distance, no? After Cleveland comes Hong Kong, and then Patagonia, South Carolina, and Ireland - all this by September 24th. What’s really getting our goat is the Namibia episode, airing in the indefinite future. We have a pretty poor sense of what they’re eating in the former German South West Africa, and Bourdain is the only guy we trust to tell us (that and Wikipedia, or pretty much any blog with photographs).

But Shanghai should be fun, since it’s rapidly emerging as the cultural capital of China. Hopefully, B won’t get food poisoning from industrial additives!

No Reservations Season 3 [Discovery]

No Reservations Schedule [Discovery]

[Photo: cooking a giant egg in the dirt in Namibia, Discovery]


Premiering: No Reservations Season 3