Blog Roundup: La Dolce Vita

• A new book details an actor’s relentless pursuit of top-notch wine and food in a new Italian life. Sounds like a must-read for both food enthusiasts and “L.A. Law” fans. Either way. [Jalapeno Girl]

Manresa, arguably the second best restaurant in California, has been cooking bugs and moths … for its biodynamic garden. [Chez Pim]

• There’s a new website ( that helps expats find those precious, precious items that can be found in abundance at home (wherever that may be) but not in their current country. For example, there’s one user by the name of mikenstn that wants a carton of Virginia Slims quite badly. [Gridskipper]

• This isn’t food-related, but it’s internet-related and drink-related. Yesterday, some of you web-surfer folk may have noticed that some of your favorite websites (Yelp, Technorati, Craigslist, Typepad et al.) were down for a period of time. At the time, it was assumed that the problem was related to yesterday’s power outages in the Financial District (the affected sites all use datacenter 365 Main). Well, the truth is that it’s because a drunk person “went beserk and f***ed up a lot of stuff.” No, really. [Valleywag]

• Michael Bauer’s take on Grant Achatz. [Between Meals]

Blog Roundup: La Dolce Vita