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P*ONG Found to Be Small and Uneven; Monkey Bar Gets Hammered

Frank Bruni appreciates Pichet Ong’s skill and creativity but finds his restaurant, P*ONG, in what will probably be a defining review, unequal to his talent: “Mr. Ong is an enterprising cook, but he doesn’t seem to be a seasoned restaurateur, and P*ong points out the difference.” [NYT]

Similarly, Paul Adams grants that FR.OG chef Didier Virot has “has a virtuosic ability with flavors,” but was less than thrilled with the restaurant. That’s about in keeping with most other reviews the place has had, which call out a few dishes but give it an “eh” otherwise. [NYS]

Randall Lane disliked the Monkey Bar so much that it’s amazing that he gave it two stars (out of six). “More often, though, the dishes were so unsuccessful that I had difficulty finishing them.” Eek. Not what you want to hear after a huge, expensive relaunch.[TONY]

Cassellula, the cheese-centric new restaurant on West 52nd Street, earns some praise for its macaroni and cheese and one or two other dishes, but overall gets a mixed response from Andrea Thompson.[NYer]
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Ryan Sutton’s first look at Gemma makes the food sound pretty appetizing, although the Waverly Inn comparisons may scare off people with no great love for fighting throngs of socialites. [Bloomberg]
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Usually Robert Sietsema is a sucker for African restaurants, and he seemed to enjoy his visit to Le Conakry in Bed-Stuy, but he clearly didn’t think much of the food. [VV]

Bob Lape’s two visits to Wild Salmon resulted in one much-appreciated meal, one disaster, and a one-and-a-half star rating for Jeffrey Chodorow’s seafood palace. He’s not the first critic to mention the place’s inconsistency, either. [Crain’s NY]

P*ONG Found to Be Small and Uneven; Monkey Bar Gets Hammered