Over At The Fancy Food Show

The Fancy Food Show in New York is one of the country’s biggest food shows. The Inquirer just made the trip to check out the eats. First off, it’s a massive event—there were an estimated 160,000 products at the show and buyers for nearly 26,000 stores attended. Goodies include sweet chilli and red pepper potato chips; chocolate-covered peppermint jewels and some of the best cheeses around:

A bonanza of exotic ingredients from 73 countries sparked the imagination, from Sardinian bitter honey, to baobab juice from Mali, asparagus cream from the Piedmont, flaky sea salt from South Africa, stylishly packed Umbrian quick-cook risotto, and honeyed Benimosu purple sweet potato vinegar from Japan.

Cool eats (thankfully) at the Fancy Food Show [Inquirer]

[Photo via Peter Tobia / Philadelphia Inquirer]


Over At The Fancy Food Show