Opening: Sweet Cakes Bakery

There’s been a lot of chatter about the three new bakeries that opened in the last few weeks within a few blocks of each other in Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village. This is good news because, after all, they are dispensing baked goods. How many bakeries can the market bear? Some of it has to do with residential density and neighborhood predilections, and the whole shebang is under the influence of the tidal forces of the American diet: one year it’s no carbs, another, no sugar, and then no fat. Baked good can be customized to eliminate, at the most, two of those three things. Heaven help us if we demonize all of them at once.

At any rate, one of these three bakeries did a very smart series of things at the end of last week. First, it appeared (with the other two) in a TOC article. Then, it got written up in the Chicagoist, which was accompanied by an intriguing photo of a hard-boiled egg firmly nestled inside a corn muffin. Finally, it answered the phone when we called and supplied us with a menu. Here now, we reward those efforts with a Monday morning coming out party. That hard-boiled egg in corn muffin? It has a price! $2! Cakes come in literally seven different pricing configurations based on acreage and can be special ordered; mini cookies are merely a quarter (6/$1); and brioche are available in both à tête and bostock formats. The key thing to remember is that every new bakery deserves at least two trial runs: once during the week, once on a weekend, and both times in the morning.

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Opening: Sweet Cakes Bakery