Opening: Fat Cat

We were reading Drive-Thru the other day and came upon a post about Uptown, which slyly referenced a new “hot spot” that the writer was shut out of by a private party before it moved on to the ultimate focus of the post, Fiesta Mexicana. But we were not so easily deterred, and we followed the link to Fat Cat, where we found news of a new bar, but no menu. Having made it this far, we surely weren’t going to back down now. Bing bam boom, and we got it for you.

The bar, just north of Lawrence on Broadway, opened around two weeks ago, according to this press release we found. Relevant factoids before we move on to the contents of the menu:

1) It has a 40 foot Art Deco bar

2) It’s 4400 square feet (that’s massive!)

3) It’s run by Cy Oldham of Silver Cloud and Howard Natinsky of Five Star

And now that the formalities are out of the way, we can delve into the bar’s salads and sandwiches. We were immediately charmed by their signature “999 Island” dressing, which doesn’t really indicate anything special about the dressing itself but is clever nonetheless. The dressing is served with their Crab Louis salad, which consists of a wedge of iceberg and romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, broccoli, hard-boiled egg, and lightly dressed crabmeat for $10.95. Or for those with an alliterative bent, consider trying the Port Poached Pear salad with fresh baby spinach, candied walnuts, port poached pears, bleu cheese crumbles dressing drizzled with a port reduction for $9.95.

Sandwiches are also available, and they’re cheaper than the salads. The two that caught our attention are the Braised Cuban Pork Belly Sammy, which is rubbed with Cuban spices, marinated overnight and slow cooked, and then topped with red cabbage slaw, spicy mayo, Swiss cheese, and sliced pickles on ciabatta for $9.95, and the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich with oven roasted turkey, homemade herb stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on toasted whole wheat bread for $8.95. The former comes with fries, and the latter with a green bean casserole.

But the main event is the drinks, which have kitschy 30s and 40s themes like the The Gatsby Cocktail (Tanqueray gin, cucumber puree, and white cranberry juice together in a cocktail and garnished with a cucumber) and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (brandy shaken with black raspberry liqueur, cranberry and lime juice in this dry yet fruity martini; the Massacre was in 1929, but who’s counting). The bar also has a wide selection of bottled beers, but we were dismayed to find “Belgium” misspelled as “Belguim” six separate times as we entered the menu, among a few dozen other typos. Please, some quality control!

Be that as it may, it’s a reasonable place to check out after a concert; they’re open until 2am every night and 3 am on Saturdays (except when there’s a private party, apparently).

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[Photo: the logo, Fat Cat]


Opening: Fat Cat