On Service

We’ve never been extraordinarily picky about service. We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve truly felt like we received subpar service and only two of those times were in Boston (once at a long-defunct Asian restaurant on Boylston and once at a Harvard Square restaurant that shall not be named). Although we have only spent three days waiting tables, we have enough friends who’ve worked in restaurants that we generally tip at least 20% if the service isn’t awful and more if it’s great. We appreciate the way that truly great service can further elevate a meal (Rialto comes to mind), but we’re always a little baffled by Chowhounders complaining about things like servers being too chatty or not chatty enough. To us, if the food is good and the service isn’t actively bad, the meal is a success.

Given this perspective, we were a little surprised to see that Sunday’s Globe Magazine, billed as “the restaurant issue,” focused almost entirely on the topic of service. The magazine was definitely very interesting (we especially enjoyed Michael Blanding’s dissection of the service at KO Prime and Christopher Muther’s very funny piece rating the service in several Hub establishments), but overall, we wish we could have heard more about the chefs and the food. To us, at least, that’s what restaurants are all about.

What about you? Did the Globe leave you hungry for more or were you sated by the focus on service?

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On Service