Odds & Ends: Apart Pizza, Big Downtown, Delicioso y Sabroso

Yesterday, three things happened - one restaurant cloned itself, another updated us with breakfast and lunch menus (we only had dinner), and a third released their menu to the world for the first time. These proceedings filled our heart with joy, and we wanted to share:

• The clone case is Apart Pizza Co (2205 W Montrose), which recently launched Apart Pizza Co (5624 N Broadway). Now you Edgewaterers can enjoy the same fancy pizza delivery that was previously only available to your Lincoln Square- and Roscoe Village-dwelling cousins

• Breakfast and lunch are now available (for you to view) at Big Downtown Bar & Restaurant. This is partly courtesy of a user named Jennifer, who complained that our menu was ood (that’s out of date for the non-cognoscenti). Highlight: for breakfast, a grilled 6oz Angus filet mignon served with two eggs any style, breakfast potatoes, bacon or sausage and your choice of toast, bagel or English muffin, for $24. You can get this at 6:30am!

• After hearing a lot about Delicioso y Sabroso, we were thrilled when we finally scored the dual restaurant’s two menus. Delicioso focuses on Oaxacan moles, while Sabroso serves taqueria fare. It’s far away and still gearing up, but if you go, now you can know what to expect.


Odds & Ends: Apart Pizza, Big Downtown, Delicioso y Sabroso