Notice To Unemployed Blog Readers: Get A Job!

Today’s haul on Craiglist, in alphabetical order by restaurant:

Anteprima needs a sous chef, and he or she’d better have three plus years’ experience. This is a newish restaurant, and so this almost qualifies as news [Craigslist]

Aria needs a good sushi chef. Or maybe the Fairmont Hotel at large, it’s hard to tell [Craigslist]

Capi’s Italian Kitchen, a new self-explanatory restaurant on Navy Pier from the people who brought you Bubba Gump Shrimp, needs a barker. You know, to scream at tourists about pasta [Craigslist]

Crofton on Wells is also in need of a sous chef. Let them compete over you! [Craigslist]

Gino’s East, the original one, needs delivery drivers [Craigslist]

La Mora in Roscoe Village needs full time line cooks [Craigslist]

The best of luck to all of you.

[Photo: you guys, WorkForAll]


Notice To Unemployed Blog Readers: Get A Job!