New On MenuPages: Sushi 28 & Sol De Mexico

Sometimes - and we’re not embarrassed to admit this - we completely miss an obvious restaurant that could easily be added to the site but simply slipped under the radar. Here’s two:

• Is it possible to have too many BYO sushi joints in one’s life? Absolutely not. And so, we’re happy to finally have Sushi 28 among our ranks, bringing our total to thirty-five. Does that seem implausible? We’re looking into it.

• Heard of Sol de Mexico? This Michoacan BYO (another one!) way out on Cicero has gotten nothing but net since it opened last year. Plus, it’s run by Bahena’s brother-in-law. Yes, go right now!

[Photo: Camarones en Mole Verde, Sol de Mexico, MMChicago/flickr]


New On MenuPages: Sushi 28 & Sol De Mexico