More Top-Secret Timberlake: The Menu, the VIP Alley, the Back Room

Justin is smokin'.
Justin is smokin’.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Crashers like Shaggy and Steve Sands — not to mention token entertainer the Singing Cowboy — may have thought the place to be last night was the opening party for Johnny Utah’s (where the bull overheated halfway through, kicking up a stench that caused us to wonder whether someone’s hair had caught on fire), but as we mentioned earlier, we were more excited about crashing a secret dinner at another barbecue spot, Justin Timberlake’s decidedly lower-key Southern Hospitality.

Above, for those of you who care more about the makeover of what used to be Il Monello than about JT’s current hairstyle, is an undercover shot of the back room. We’re guessing the adjacent VIP alleyway won’t be used often, since this place is essentially a less obnoxious version of Duke’s, with the added gimmick that most of the wood (including some pulled from the Mighty Mississippi for the bar) and the waitresses are from the South. As for the food, let’s just say it’s served in heaping helpings and most enjoyable when JT is sitting nearby. So good luck crashing the opening party tonight.

Southern Hospitality menu

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More Top-Secret Timberlake: The Menu, the VIP Alley, the Back Room