More Bastille Day Fun

Last week, we highlighted a special Bastille Day menu at a favorite French joint (Cafe Claude), with the promise that more would be on the way.

That day has come.

Bastille Day–Saturday, July 14th–is the celebration of French independence, but Little Baobab is interepreting the day as a celebration of global human rights, freedom fighters, and Senegal’s soccer victory over France, all while keeping in mind the tragedies of Darfur. In honor of The Rooster, they will serve Coq-Royal (Royal Rooster): “a great Rooster served with ginger, mashed potatoes, smoked green peas, grilled onions and marinated carrots.”

According to the Tablehopper, Rue Saint Jacques will be offering a $25 prix-fixe menu aswell.

Finally, this just popped up in our inbox: Cote Sud will have a $40, four-course menu. The super special menu, in full, post-jump.


APPETIZER (choice of):
- Sonoma mix greens in simple vinaigrette
- Soupe of the day
- Day boat sea scallops served with a lobster sauce
- Terrine of duck and foie gras
- Steamed mussels, white wine,shallots & cream

ENTREE (choice of):
- Fish of the day
- Sauteed salmon sorrel sauce
- Boeuf Bourguignon
- Duck confit, potatoes galette, garlic cream sauce
- Risotto of barley

DESSERT (choice of):
- Sorbets
- Crème Brulèe
- Framboisier et son biscuit á la pistache
- Moelleux au chocolat

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More Bastille Day Fun