Meanwhile …

Harry Potter fans have been eagerly awaiting tonight’s 12:01am release of the final chapter of JK Rowling’s boy wizard book series. Both prepubescent and adult nerds Muggles have been lining up at your local Barnes & Noble for hours with the hope to snag a copy of what has become the greatest “literary” phenomenon of our generation (sorry Dan Brown … and John Updike). So, we thought we’d paid our own respects to the magic that is the Harry Potter series by giving our weekly tour of Les Blogs Des MenuPages a decidedly Hogwarts slant. And also, Harry dies.* Sorry for ruining it, but you would have heard it sooner or later.

MP: Boston experienced a big finale of her own this week–an evicted restaurant–as well as two things that are clearly the products of a mischievous wizard’s erroneous spell: octopus ice cream and a doughnut-hawking supermodel.

MP: Chicago revealed a much-anticipated ending and then coped with the disappointment of something that was too hyped-up.

Finally, MP: Philly (rife with rabble-rousers of his own) celebrated a book not written by JK Rowling. Because you know, there are other books in the world.

*We made this part up. Rowling actually ends the book suddenly and prematurely. The cut to the black screen makes you check your TiVo, and you are left wondering what exactly happened.

Meanwhile …