Making A List: Food With A View

We couldn’t help but notice a particularly enticing thread on Chowhound today, discussing the best options for dining with a view. It seems that just about every couple of weeks, this topic comes up. One reason is that San Francisco is a world-class dining destination; another is that San Francisco is home to some of the most picturesque views in the country. The problem is that these two don’t go together as much as one might hope, as one ‘hound points out:

You’ve encountered the great SF paradox. The place you are looking for does not exist. Water, view, and tastiness exist in inverse relations to each other.

Suggestions–some met with encouraging responses, some not–within the thread include the following restaurants: The Slanted Door, Plouf, Sutro’s at the Cliff House, Beach Chalet, Waterfront Restaurant, Alioto’s, Forbes Island and Greens Restaurant.

Our additions to the list, after the jump.

Americano: We’ll put money on Americano as the best al fresco dining spot in the city. Probably. It even got reviewed favorably by both Michelin and the Chronicle this summer.

Java House: We don’t care what anyone else says, there’s nothing better than a cheap hot dog and a beer while sittin’ on the dock of the Bay, watchin’ the tide roll away.

Out the Door: If Slanted Door is too exotic for your Midwestern visitors or too pricey for your blood, lunch at Out the Door is a good option. Sit outdoors at the Ferry Building, sample the best “fast food” in the city and cap off an impromptu gourmet meal with any number of dessert options in the building.

Hornblower: Think outside the mainland. Hornblower’s got many a dining option, from Sunday champagne brunch to romantic dinner cruises. Who knows what the food is like (details welcome), but there isn’t a better vantage point of the city from the bay itself.

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Making A List: Food With A View