Late Night At The Rest Stop

The first sign of a slow news week is the Inquirer doing a story on late nights at highway rest stops. No, there’s nothing about lot lizards or trucker meth here; everything is strictly family friendly. Instead there’s a look at the perils of working at Burger King at 2am, retired couples traveling cross country in trailers and walking their dogs at 4am and the fact that international exchange students are recruited to work at Starbucks:

“The other third is Tanya Krekmanova, of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, who talks with Allen when it’s slow. Her English is great.A university student in Sofia, she’s here for four months with the State Department’s Summer Work and Travel Program to work at the rest stop - one of 24 international students working there. (She’s a barista at the Starbucks.) The others come from Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.”

Welcome to America, Tanya. We’re sorry you got introduced to the country via the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Really.

A look at service-plaza nightlife [Inquirer]

[Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer]


Late Night At The Rest Stop