Joey Chestnut Sets Hot Dog Record

Joey Chestnut, we salute you. The Wing Bowl buffalo wing-eating champ just set the all time hot dog-eating record at Coney Island. Chestnut not only won the vaunted Natahn’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition mustard-yellow belt emblematic of supremacy in frankfurter consumption, but he set a record:

In a gut-busting showdown that combined drama, daring and indigestion, Joey Chestnut emerged Wednesday as the world’s hot-dog-eating champion, knocking off six-time winner Takeru Kobayashi in a record-setting triumph. Chestnut, the great red-white-and-blue hope in the annual Fourth of July competition, broke his own world record by inhaling 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes – a staggering one every 10.9 seconds – before a screaming crowd in Coney Island.

It’s good to be an American.

American Chestnut Sets Record, Crowned Hot Dog Champ [Washington Post]


Joey Chestnut Sets Hot Dog Record