Introducing The Expanded TWO-Go Menu

TWO–and its prior incarnation, Hawthorne Lane–have been providing neighborhood workers with some of the better Happy Hour offerings and promotions in the entire city for some time now. Last month, the Hawthorne gem tapped into the mid-day market, and TWO-Go lunch boxes made quite the impact on SoMA lunchtime eaters. Today, the good folks behind TWO debut their Gourmet TWO-Go menu:

our Gourmet TWO-Go menu offers many of our house-made specialties for use in your kitchen. Our handmade sausages and smoked fish, our intensely flavored stocks and demi-glaces, our zippy vinaigrettes and our irresistible, ready-to-bake chive biscuits are just a mouse click away.

We think offering uncooked (and cooked) food items to take home and prepare yourself is a great idea and hope more restaurants hop on this bandwagon. Restaurants still profit, while onetime restaurant-goers take a stab at the kitchen. With a food awareness movement of sorts in full swing–farmers’ markets, food shows and “Ratatouille” are as popular as ever–it’s comforting to know that the next generation of chefs won’t be swallowed (no pun intended) up by Big Macs, chalupas and video games. Probably.

In any event, we’ve got the entire TWO-Go menu both on the main site and after the jump…

Box Lunches
Each Lunch Is $12 And Includes A Choice Of One Sandwich, One Salad And One Dessert. We Also Offer A Selection Of Designer Sodas At Additional Cost.
Roasted Beef Sirloin Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich
Spicy Salmon and Egg Salad Sandwich
Roasted Artichoke and Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Salad Choices: Bowtie Pasta Salad: with sweet basil pesto and toybox tomatoes. Spicy Coleslaw: with carrots and sweet onions. Quinoa Salad: with lemon and parsley.

Gourmet TWO-Go

Chive Biscuits Buttery 5.00
Sun-dried Tomato and Parmesan Cheese Sausage per pound 8.00
Smoked Lamb and Garlic Sausage per pound 7.00
Luis’ Famous Chorizo per pound 7.00
Old Fashioned Smoked Liverwurst per pound 8.00
Spicy Pork & Fennel Seed Sausage per pound 6.50
Sonoma Lamb Pastrami Lean per pound 7.50
Double Smoked Bacon per pound 5.00
Pancetta per pound 5.00
Smoked Salmon per quarter pound 6.00
Chicken Stock Chicken per quart 5.00
Fish Stock per pint 3.00
Lamb Demi-glace per 8 oz 6.00
Veal Demi-glace per 8 oz 6.00
House Vinaigrette per 8 oz 4.00
Creamy Parmesan Dressing per 8 oz 5.00
Blue Cheese Dressing per 8 oz 6.50

TWO [MenuPages]
TWO [Official Site]

Introducing The Expanded TWO-Go Menu