Imbibing: West Town Tavern Barbecue Sparerib Dinner

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had way less barbecue this summer than you had intended. Either it’s too hot, too far, or we’re too full from something else we’ve eaten to justify ribs to ourselves.

But there’s a reasonable opportunity to rectify this omission in your diet tonight at West Town Tavern, which is holding its first barbecue sparerib dinner of the summer.

For $18.75 (how precise), diners get slow-smoked barbecued pork spareribs with fried potato salad, Texas-style barbecue sauce and black eyed pea relish, and a piece of chef Susan Goss’ “fabulous” lemon chess pie. We added the quotation because we’ve never had it and cannot, will not, vouch for it as a result. Ethics! Also, the Tavern is offering $10 glasses of 2004 Murphy Goode Liar’s Dice Sonoma Zinfandel with the rib special, but you know what? It’s not that good of a deal. You can get that wine online for $20 a bottle, so even the “special” price is still a 100% markup. The ribs themselves seem like a decent value, though.

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[Photo: Liar’s Dice, Murphy-Goode]

Imbibing: West Town Tavern Barbecue Sparerib Dinner