Great American Chef Sick; New Yorkers Enjoy Too Much Mercury

Grant Achatz of Chicago’s Alinea, arguably the most acclaimed of all American chefs, has an advanced form of cancer but vows to beat it. [Chicago Sun-Times]

A quarter of New Yorkers have elevated mercury levels in their bloodstreams. Especially those who eat fish. [NYP]

It’s tough for Top Chef rivals Howie and Joey. When your life has turned into a paella whipped up by Philip K. Dick and Andrew Sullivan, it’s time to move to the suburbs with a pair of chocolate Labs. [Amuse Biatch]
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‘Top Chef’ Biases Finally Out on the Table

Bourdain takes on Jag, the Next Food Network Star contestant who lied about his military record. [Ruhlman]

Editorial: The Bush administration is managing to find ways to weaken the FDA, even while appointing a food-safety czar. [NYT]

The famed Alphonso mango is now out of season, but it’s available through FreshDirect. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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Ten ways you can tell a restaurant is going to be bad, including pre-filled bread baskets,
crusty ketchup, and a staff that suddenly perks up because you’re the first customer to come in all night. [Chow]

The ballots have closed for the Gothamist–A Hamburger Today burger bash coming up this Saturday, and the voters have chosen the onion burger, the butter burger, and the pimento-cheese burger as the three varieties to be served at the meaty event. [Gothamist]

Times dining editor Pete Wells will be answering questions and perhaps fulfilling requests for “More articles like NY Mag does on ‘Cheap Eats.’” [NYT]

Great American Chef Sick; New Yorkers Enjoy Too Much Mercury