From The Inbox: Local Investment Opportunity

Sounds like something exciting (or unfortunate) is happening over at Soupbox.
We got an email this morning from owner Jamie Taerbaum with the following message:

Soupbox is seeking investors who are interested in investing in Soupbox, Inc. and have the financial ability (or has access) to invest $500,000+ in the Soupbox business. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about investing in Soupbox please email Jamie Taerbaum for more information:

“Soup is Hot!”

On the contrary, not all soup is hot. Consider, dreamily, gazpacho. And just today, Drive-Thru has a recipe for Milanese zucchini soup, which can be served hot or cold. Many soups are ambidextrous like that, in fact. But now we’re way off-topic. Or are we? Certainly we don’t have half a mil to move at the moment, but we are chock full of advice. Cold soups in the summer! Warm ices in the winter! Actually, if we knew how to do that, 500k would be chump change.

Soupbox/Icebox [MenuPages]
Soupbox/Icebox [Official Site]

[Photo: nchiong/flickr]

From The Inbox: Local Investment Opportunity