From A Lady To A Tramp In Just Three Weeks!

Remember how we gushed about Padma Lakshmi’s transformation into a Lady a fortnight ago? Her then-(yes, then!)husband Salman Rushdie had just been knighted and everything was coming up roses. All of a sudden, done got divorced yesterday! On her orders, to boot.

This is good news for anyone who wants to 1) marry Padma 2) marry Salman 3) think deep thoughts about the British Peerage system. Basically, Padma gets to call herself Lady Rushdie, as long as she doesn’t change the Rushdie part. So no Lady Lakshmi, despite our cavalier bandying about of that term in the past, and certainly no Lady Colicchio (as if). What man will be worth giving up her Ladyhood for? That question makes us snicker.

Rushdie and Lakshmi to divorce

Satanic divorcers [Daily Mail]


From A Lady To A Tramp In Just Three Weeks!