Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: Controversy Edition

If there’s anything the MP blog siblings like to do, it’s stir up trouble and make a fuss (MP mommy and daddy raised us that way).

MP:Boston continued her exposé on what she’s rightly dubbed BeeGate 2007 (wait, when did it turn 2007?). The controversy? Is there a crisis at all, and if there is, what does it mean for our continued survival as a species.

MP:Philadelphia reported on the nationwide “Theology on Tap” program, wherein Catholic priests go to bars and talk smack other religions. No, kidding, they just drink a lot. Kidding again, it’s really setup for a huge joke of the format, “a priest walks into a bar and…”

MP:SanFrancisco, who hates it when we concatenate San and Francisco, delved into the steamy and complex underworld of rosé wines, calling the topic as polarizing as “cilantro, George W. and koalas.” No kidding; koalas drive us absolutely bonkers.

[Photo: an evil koala, Marc & Cath/TravelBlog]


Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: Controversy Edition