Double Openings: Jerry’s Wicker Park & English

Once upon a time, a sandwich place was a sandwich place and a bar was a bar. You got turkey on rye at one, and a beer at the other. Not so, any longer! Now you get smoked salmon, roast salmon, basil, feta, and lemon mayo on a ciabatta roll with an ale float (Ommegang Belgian ale with vanilla custard) for $16.50 at the sandwich place;

and chicken salad tossed with Granny Smith apples and red grapes, served on bibb lettuce and topped with candied pecans, and deconstructed meatball sandwich, wherein the meatballs are simmered in a red wine and mushroom gravy and served on a toasted baguette with melted cheddar for $15.75 at the bar.

What a topsy-turvy world we live in! So be it: gourmet delis and gastropubs aren’t going anywhere. Actually, they’re going to 1938 W Division St and 444 N LaSalle St, in the form of a new Jerry’s and new bar called English, respectively.

Apologies for the obtuseness of that introduction; it is very hot out. You know we love the gentrification of food, and both of these establishments have credible pedigrees. The original Jerry’s in the West Loop is roundly beloved, and English is a member of the “Eat Well, Drink Better” family (Union Park, The Grand Central, Bar Celona, etc). Two things to say about that last piece: first of all, if you’re making a gastropub with that motto, you better have some damn fine beer. Second, all these names evoke other places; why not invoke Chicago? Jerry’s certainly does, with its hundred sandwiches named after local customers (the one we enumerated earlier is called the Jerome G, and can you believe it has salmon two ways?)

Relative authenticity aside (way aside), both are welcome additions to their neighborhoods. Oh! and if you want to hear more about the new Jerry’s, check out this write-up/v-cast on Hungry.

Jerry’s [MenuPages]
Jerry’s [Official Site]

English [MenuPages]
English [Official Site]

[Photo: Jorma K (Prosciutto, fried eggplant, basil, lemon mayo), Jerry’s, emyduck/flickr]

Double Openings: Jerry’s Wicker Park & English