Cracker Barrel: ‘Big Person’ Friendly

The Philadelphia area has its own Cracker Barrels in Plymouth Meeting and Trevose. The Daily News’s Chain Gang column reviewed the eats and found out four things:

1) The overweight love Cracker Barrel. (“We arrived early on a Tuesday night so the Barrel wasn’t already bursting at the seams, like many of its patrons were.”)

2) They have salads at CB. Who knew?

3) The sides are good but the country fried steak is kind of not worth getting.

4) You can purchase your own Country Barrel rocking chair at the gift shop.

As for us, we’ll admit that we visit Cracker Barrel around once a year. When we go, it’s for breakfast—and you can’t deny that Cracker Barrel has a great breakfast. But going to Cracker Barrel for dinner? That’s just missing the point.

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Cracker Barrel: ‘Big Person’ Friendly