Chefs Are All Over ‘Ratatouille’; Allen and Delancey May Open After All

Chefs say “Ratatouille gets it, it totally gets chef culture.” Even Tony Bourdain is onboard, calling it “the best restaurant movie ever made — the best chef movie.” [Ruhlman]
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Allen and Delancey may be coming back. Or rather, opening for the first time. [Eater]
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The good people of Iowa may not get the whole niche-pork thing, but they are happy to supply the product. [Des Moines Register]

Those big-box restaurants may start out strong, but they age fast: “Tricked-out spaces that shimmered when they were brand new … start to look and feel just a little junky when they’re half empty and the crowd is a less pretty, trendy one.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

A pretty young Julliard graduate is supplementing her income by driving an ice-cream truck. But Mr. Softee is always there is menace her. [NYT]

All Joey Chestnut wanted for breakfast after setting the all-time record and vanquishing Kobayashi was a cup of coffee with artificial sweetener. Because a guy who just ate nineteen pounds of food in twelve minutes has to watch his figure. [NYDN]

Chefs Are All Over ‘Ratatouille’; Allen and Delancey May Open After