Cheesesteakgate: Day… Whatever

When you make your living writing about Philadelphia food, something like Rick’s Steaks battle with the Reading Terminal Market can basically keep you in business.

That’s why we were elated to find out that Rick’s Steaks is suing the market. They want a temporary restraining order on their ouster and damages in excess of $75,000.

To recap the whole story, RTM decided not to renew Rick’s lease due to lingering bad blood between owner Rick Oliveri (the head of the RTM Merchants Association) and RTM management. Management wants to bring in a branch of Tony Luke’s to replace them. Tony Luke’s is caught uncomfortably in the middle. RTM management is widely resented by the tenants due to various legal clashes over the year.

Just to give this all a touch of the surreal, the Terminal’s Amish merchants have formally decided to cancel this year’s Dutch Festival. Merchant David Esh says “Dutch Fest is a celebration and, quite honestly, we are not in a mood to celebrate.”

Rick’s Steaks owner sues over ouster from market [Inquirer]


Cheesesteakgate: Day… Whatever