Bourdain Lays Into ‘Top Chef’ Hung; Restaurant to Open in Back of Setagaya

Anthony Bourdain jumps on Top Chef’s Hung even harder than he laid into Marcel last season: “‘Flavor’ counts for very little in a competition for ‘Top Chef.’” [Amuse Biatch]
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Kanye West is a soul-food connoisseur, when he’s not eating out in haute Asian eateries like Spice Market and Philippe. [WSJ]

An unrelated restaurant will open Thursday in the back room of Setagaya and will feature Thai, Japanese, and Malaysian food. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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McDonald’s just couldn’t stay out of the supersize game. [NYT]

Apparently not all restaurants been able to part with their trans fats. But it’s not their fault, they claim: “Clearly there’s a discrepancy in what the manufacturer and what the lab says,” one says, confronted with certain findings. [NYP]

Las Vegas’ Tao, at the Venetian, is the No. 1 grossing restaurant in the United States — the ultimate big-box restaurant. So when are we getting one? [NYT]

A nudist dinner cruise (guests included a “tomato-shaped” science-fiction author and a hairy fellow named David Rheingold) may have been the least appetizing meal in recent New York City history. [NYT]

Last Night’s Party has some images of what might be the opposite of the nudist cruise: the most awesome chicken dinner ever. [Last Night’s Party via Gawker]

The bottom line on egg creams: Despite their sky-high repute, they almost always let you down. [Serious Eats]

Bourdain Lays Into ‘Top Chef’ Hung; Restaurant to Open in Back of