Blog Reviews: Week Of Pars Cove Lawsuits

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week (not really), in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Parents don’t seem to know yet about Art of Pizza, where you can get a huge slice for you kid and get out before the day’s half over [Chicagoist]

• New Andersonville Italian Il Fiasco is undeniably cheap, but so far the food is lacking complexity and balance [Drive Thru]

• South Loop/Motor Row (Chicagoist’s label, and we’re all for it) Mexican La Cantina Grill is overpriced, underflavored, and suburbanized [Chicagoist]

• New Downtown swanky lounge Martini Park has decent food, expensive drinks and great service (plus no smoking!) [Chicagoist]

• Tin ceilings and nightly piano music make Orso’s in Old Town a romantic date spot [Drive Thru]

• So Sura is still winning fans with food that’s better than the decor would indicate [Chicago Foodies]

[Photo: not actually Pars’s hummus, neshachan/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Pars Cove Lawsuits