Blog Reviews: Week Of Ambria Closing

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Not only is

target=”_blank”>Al-Khayameih some of the best Middle Eastern food in town, but they’re BYO![

href=”” target=”_blank”>Food Chain]

• Great ice cream at Bobtail

Soda Fountain accompanied by enough high chairs, childrens books and games to keep your tot occupied [

href=”” target=”_blank”>Chicagoist]

• Upscale lunch chain

target=”_blank”>Cosi is losing its raison d’etre with high prices and stingy sandwich toppings [

href=”” target=”_blank”>Drive-Thru]

• Homemade pasta at La Cucina

Di Donatella makes you feel like you’re at your Roman grandmother’s house…on Howard [

href=”” target=”_blank”>Nibble & Kibble]

• New Ukie Village bakery

target=”_blank”>Sweet Cakes appeals to locals and hipsters alike with their egg-in-corn muffin [

href=”” target=”_blank”>Chicagoist]

• Classic breakfast spot Sweet

Maple Cafe still churning out delicious eggs, biscuits and pancakes [

href=”” target=”_blank”>Drive-Thru]

[Photo: Ambria, Ambria Memories Tribute Site]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Ambria Closing