Ask MenuPages: Taking The Bus To Nice Restaurants?

Dear MenuPages,

A friend of mine is visiting me next week, but there’s a problem. My car broke down, so we can’t drive to restaurants. I live near the Halsted bus on 18th street - could you give me some recommendations for restaurants that can be easily reached on that line?


Penniless in Pilsen

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Dear Penniless,

A shame to hear about your loss. Here are some close-to-the-8 ideas for you and yours that won’t break your evidently tight budget. Actually, some of them will, but, you know, live a little:

Trattoria 31 in Bridgeport is practically walking distance (if you consider a mile and a half to be walking distance, which you ought to), and is purported to have some of the best Italian food in the neighborhood.

Haro in the Heart of Italy is not on Halsted, but it is right off the Cermak bus. Who wouldn’t walk a mile for authentic, relatively inexpensive tapas?

Sepia in the West Loop just opened today-ish, and we were pretty impressed with the menu. You can be on the cutting edge!

The Dining Room at Kendall College on Goose Island is an intriguing way to try some high-end experimental cuisine on a dime. Well, on $28 for a dinner prix fixe. Also, everything is cooked by students. So it’s a crapshoot, but people seem to like it. And really, what isn’t a crapshoot these days?

Hope this helped. You can also just walk to Chinatown, but you knew that already.

[Photo: transit options along Halsted, CTA]

Ask MenuPages: Taking The Bus To Nice Restaurants?