Aquafina Taps Out

In one of the more entertaining news items of the week, Aquafina announced that its labels will clearly state that their bottled product is really just tap water. According to the AP report, a group called Corporate Accountability International is in the midst of a water crusade of sorts, intent on getting bottled water companies to stop misleading the public when it comes to water sources. With Aquafina’s newfound admission, it seems they’ve slayed their biggest adversary; Aquafina (owned by PepsiCo) is the most prominent bottled water brand in the country. Up next: Dasani:

The corporate accountability group is also pressing for similar concessions from The Coca-Cola Co, which owns the Dasani water brand.Dasani’s Web site says that Dasani comes from local water supplies and is then filtered.”We don’t believe that consumers are confused about the source of Dasani water,” Coca-Cola spokeswoman Diana Garza Ciarlante said. “The label clearly states that it is purified water.”

Loop. Hole. So, basically, Coke is saying that they put it through a Brita. Like the one in our fridge. That cost $19.95 at Walgreens.

Regardless of what happens to Dasani, the Aquafina label bombshell will surely make consumers think twice about shelling out $2 for a bottle of water that could just as easily come from the sink. Will this affect your bottled-water-buying ways?

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Aquafina Taps Out