Another Update On BeeGate 2007

Let’s take stock of what we’ve learned about bees over the past month, shall we?

•Bees are dying at an alarming rate due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which functions like Alzheimer’s Diseases and causes the little buzzing guys to lose their memories and senses of direction.
•No, wait, honeybees virtually disappeared over a decade ago and the real problem is forced reproduction of the country’s remaining bee supply.
•Either way, our crops are totally effed if someone doesn’t figure out a solution soon.

Fortunately for fruit lovers, it looks like the government is taking action. A Hunger Artist reports that the USDA has finalized an action plan for dealing with CCD. We will admit that we have only read the plan’s Executive Summary, but it seems that the strategy is comprised of four parts: 1) Study bees and get samples, 2) Analyze the samples, 3) Figure out what is causing CCD, and 4) Fix it. So suddenly, saying “we’re going to apply the scientific method” requires a 28 page proposal?

All teasing aside, we’re very glad the government is taking the time to deal with this. We’re not going to pretend we don’t squeal and run away whenever we see a bee, but we rather like honey and fruits and veggies and things of that nature, so we have a mighty vested interest in bees staying alive.

Bee Aggressive [MP: Boston]
Bee Scared [MP: Boston]
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Colony Collapse Disorder Action Plan [United States Department of Agriculture]

Another Update On BeeGate 2007