Restroom Report

Admiring the Geishas in Megu’s Loo

Is there more than one lamp, or did we have too much sake?
Is there more than one lamp, or did we have too much sake?haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Before Morimoto, before Buddakan, before Buddha Bar, before Megu Midtown, there was — well — Megu. Sure its star has faded (there was that sexual-harassment suit and such), but no one can argue that the $6 million interior isn’t still fresh — just like the toro tartare! Look at the mirrored diorama, outside the restroom, that reflects an Oriental lamp and a flower display into infinity: Way cooler than Morimoto’s mirror installation, right? But what about the rest of the restrooms?

Concept: Like a dark sibling of Morimoto’s loos, these are outfitted with mirror etchings of geishas, copper lanterns, and eerie recessed lighting.

Privacy: The separator between stalls is rather low, making it a little too easy to hand toilet paper over to a neighbor in need.

Amenities: Tall steel faucets shaped like bamboo shoots, a full-length mirror inside the toilet stall, and ceiling speakers that emit jungle noises (ka-kaaw!).

Drawbacks: During our visit to the men’s room, one of the automatic urinals was out of service (“WE ARE VERY SORRY”), and there was a musty, seaweedlike odor that we’re pretty sure wasn’t coming from the kitchen.

Strategy: If you’re using the bathrooms for nefarious purposes, do it the old-fashioned way — at Odeon’s four-star facilities around the corner.

Rating: 4 stars


Admiring the Geishas in Megu’s Loo