Worth A Skimming: Endless Complaining About Food Issues

Man, people who love food also love to bitch about it. And everything else, for that matter. We think it has to do with the highs and lows of food-related dopamine addiction. Or maybe it’s just general erudition that stems from keeping track of fifty different ethnic cuisines. More likely, it’s none of these things. At any rate, the Internet has lately been full of food-related screeds. Here’s a sampling:

• Congressional ethanol targets. There’s not enough corn in America! warns the author. Maybe we should start processing the tea in China. [“The Great Corn Con,” Slate]

• The dilution of the meaning of chocolate, via cheap substitutes to cocoa butter and governmental complicity. Many have addressed this issue before (including us, responding to the Sun-Times, back at the beginning of May), but never before in the Op-Ed pages of the Times [“Chocolate Fake,” NYTimes]

• The lack of serviceable Cambodian food in the United States. A niche issue, but an important one: it’s a damn fine national cuisine, and its due its day in the sun. Proves that Salon will run anything that’s four pages long. [“Will Cambodian food ever catch on in America?” Salon]

Unfortunately, we agree with every single one of these articles. Did you think we wouldn’t?


Worth A Skimming: Endless Complaining About Food Issues