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Wild Salmon: The End-All and Pee-All?

All that's missing is a view of the park.
All that’s missing is a view of the park.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last week we continued our restro-spective of Jeffrey Chodorow’s tinklers with a look at Ono. We half-expected Chodorow’s blog to carp over our five-star review, but no — his latest entry shows that the man is still pissed off, this time at Adam Platt, whom he considers a piss-poor reviewer for handing a measly star to Wild Salmon. This got us to wondering about the restaurant’s facilities.

Concept: Downstairs, beyond a circular lounge with padded silver walls, a wall of translucent glass opens onto two spacious men’s and women’s rooms of light-gray limestone and dark wood. The centerpiece in each: a table topped with a basket of stones and dried coral.

Privacy: The floor-to-ceiling stalls come with their own glamour lighting. But what’s with that oval-shaped hole at the top of the door that allows people to peep in? (Well, if they’re as tall as Platt.)

Amenities: A full-length mirror faces the illuminated ones at the communal sink. And what a sink! Water from ball-valve faucets runs onto a flat, stainless-steel basin resembling a fish-gutting table.

Drawbacks: During our visit the ceiling speakers were playing an even lighter version of Radiohead. Also: Why the annoying chemical soap and not some hippie-dippy hemp soap from the Northwest?

Strategy: If you’re using the restrooms twice in a night, make sure you also see the unisex WC upstairs.

Rating: 5 stars


Wild Salmon: The End-All and Pee-All?