Restroom Report

Breaking the Code of Silence about PDT’s WCs

The vanity mirror isn't cracked. Yet.
The vanity mirror isn’t cracked. Yet.haha Photo: Ko Fujimura

We figured the new cocktail speakeasy next to Crif Dogs would have remarkable restrooms. After all, its name is PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and we’ve always had that same policy when it comes to East Village loos — you’ll certainly never hear our stories about the ones at Lit circa 2002. At least, not until you buy us a few El Diablos at this decidedly more civilized boîte. In which case, like the Strokes song goes, meet us in the bathroom.

Concept: “Mosaic Man” Jim Power covered the WCs floor-to-ceiling in glass chips to create what’s easily the artsiest of the neighborhood’s restrooms — especially now that Alt.Coffee’s computer heap is no longer.

Privacy: Sliding doors keep the two washrooms nice and snug.

Amenities: Small plaques make it clear there’s “No Cocaine Peddling” and “No Opium Smoking”— notice, though: nothing about cocaine smoking.

Drawbacks: The sink is about the size of Duchamp’s “Fountain.” Don’t get any ideas.

Strategy: And don’t even think about jacking one of the golden chips that spell out PDT on the floor — Jim Power will mess you up.

Rating: 4 stars


Breaking the Code of Silence about PDT’s WCs