Viewing Pleasure: Caramelized Lobster @ The Gage

As we’ve noted in the past, we love food porn where you don’t really know what’s going on when you first look at it, and when you find out, you’re sort of horrified and wished you had remained ignorant (we feel similarly about regular porn). When we saw this, we thought…glazed peaches? And then…alien fetus? And finally, oh!!! caramelized lobster. How obvious.

Have you ever heard of caramelized lobster before right now? Had you even conceived that such a thing might be possible? Neither had we, but we can’t stop thinking about it. Putting lobster back into a shell is playful and clever, since sometimes, lobster gets really soft and can benefit from a crunch. Although for the life of us, we don’t know why this is considered to be a salad. It is served with lemon quinoa (looks like caviar), basil and chili. And if that withered basil leaf is what qualifies as a salad today, we’re quitting our day job.

Nevertheless, it looks like a nice hunk of lobster for $15, category be damned. If it were basil ice cream, this could be a dessert, and we’d eat it. Basically, anything Billy Lawless wants to offer us, we’ll take. Yeah, this is pretty high concept stuff for a gastropub. Keep us guessing!

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[Photo: the unsurpassable Zesmerelda/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: Caramelized Lobster @ The Gage