Traipsing Through TOC: Ice Cream! Y Delicioso Y Sabroso

This week’s TOC screams for ice cream, with articles on homemade ice cream flights at sola, locally made root beer for your float, stout milk shakes (ice cream blended with coffee- or chocolate-flavored beers, and they taste good, too), and a run down of the best cheap ice cream maker on the market (hint: don’t trust anything built after 1982). We are not ice cream novices, but we found the beer/ice cream milkshake concept to be highly titillating and we want one for lunch tomorrow.

Also on the docket are several recently opened and soon-to-be opened restaurants. David Tamarkin wrote the main review about Delicioso y Sabroso, a Mexican restaurant with a great pedigree (it’s helmed by Geno Bahena of Tepatulco), two menus (casual and fine dining; we’ll have them soon enough), delicious food (hence the name), and one of the more bizarre locations in recent memory (10468 S Indianapolis Blvd). One gets the sense that Tamarkin finds the restaurant confusing, or at least lacking a raison d’etre.

More hope is held out for African Harambee, a new upscale pan-African restaurant being opened in Rogers Park by the co-owner of Ethiopian Diamond. This is a welcome addition, not just to the neighborhood, but to the American dining scene in general: it’s really hard to find African cuisine here that’s not Ethiopian or West African, which represent only a fraction of what’s eaten on the continent (we are particularly partial to the Swahili pantry).

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Traipsing Through TOC: Ice Cream! Y Delicioso Y Sabroso