Touring The Tribune: Helen’s, Vice, & Ambria

Today is a busy day at MPHQ, so we’re going to keep this brief. A big chunk of today’s Tribune food section is devoted to mourning Ambria, which is closing at the end of the month. Glenn Jeffers interviews executive chef Gabino Sotelino, who’d helmed the institution for twenty seven years. Highlight: “I raised [Ambria] like I would raise a child.”

Trine Tsouderos heads down to Helen’s Restaurant on 79th Street, and calls it one of Chicago’s best soul food establishments. That’s pretty serious! Note to you Tastegoers: Helen’s provides the festival’s turkey legs. Oh, and speaking of the fest, Phil Vettel has his rundown of must eats this year, and also shares a tremendously personal insight (but you have to read it to find out!)

Also, Monica Eng indulges in Vice, Vivo’s new late night caviar lounge. But that’s old news.

[Photo: A turkey leg: Holen One Farms]


Touring The Tribune: Helen’s, Vice, & Ambria