The Week In (User) Reviews: Who Is At Fault For Service Issues?

Every Friday, we provide you with the best–and the worst–user reviews from the week. The following reviews are real, valid, submitted, unedited (except where marked) reviews from our various sites.

Just about every review–be it for a high-end, Michelin-starred destination restaurant or for that little Chinese joint on the corner–mentions something about service.

Service is a particularly prickly issue, for patrons, industry folk and comment ombudsmen (ahem, us). Sometimes, it’s clear from a reviewer that service was quite subpar and worthy of a poor rating:

I thought it would be nice to take my wife to [redacted] for her 30th b-day. Boy, was I wrong. As we were checking our jackets, we could hear 2 of the hostess talking about, “how f****** funny it is to watch people trip on the stairs.” (Yes, those were the words that came out of their mouths). Service was okay. Our server had random uninvited conversations with us…

At other times, one gets an inkling that the problem lies not with a restaurant’s workers, but with the restaurant’s customers:

I approached the man at the counter and asked him if they had white American cheese, he condescendingly blurted out “No. American cheese is not white, it’s yellow.” and then stomped away, not looking at me the entire time. I subsequently told the man at the register and the hostess that yellow American cheese is welfare cheese and it is nasty, the man replying “White American cheese is very rare. Everyone has an opinion!” Yes, well my opinion is that white American is not rare, it’s just more expensive and tastes better, and that buying ingredients on the cheap gets you a negative review.

Particularly in this age of website reviews and “blogs,” the “ugly customer” has developed a louder voice and we can only hope that other reviewers take poor customers’ reviews with a grain of salt, because sometimes customers deserve surly service.

The moral of the story? If you are nice to your servers, odds are they will probably reciprocate the courtesy.

The Week In (User) Reviews: Who Is At Fault For Service Issues?