Delis Are Dying, But Not Katz’s; Per Se Staff Is on the Clock

The classic New York deli is on the way out, thanks to aging owners, waistline-conscious eaters, and general apathy — but, we learn, Katz’s should stick around. An owner, as we predicted he might, goes on record saying, “If we did sell, we’d want to somehow tie in keeping the place — they could literally build on top of us.” [TONY]
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Per Se’s notoriously high-pressure kitchen apparently works under the shadow of a clock with Paul Bocuse’s name on its center and the words “Sense of Urgency” underneath. [Gawker]

Coney Island has its own beer, and while we’ve never tasted a bottle, it has what may be the greatest label of all time. [NYDN]

The Waverly Inn may have started off as a haven for high-powered media types, but when Jennifer Leuzzi stopped in, Mariah Carey was having a party there. [Snack]

T.G.I. Friday’s big experiment with smaller portions is paying off with higher profits. The trick was to not make them good for you: “What makes Friday’s smaller portions different is that they are not necessarily healthy (ribs with fries is one ‘right size’ entree) and they are significantly cheaper than their full-size counterparts.” [NYT]

Delis Are Dying, But Not Katz’s; Per Se Staff Is on the Clock