Taste Of Chicago Preview!

Yesterday was the media preview for the Taste of Chicago, which runs this year from June 29th to July 8th. We weren’t invited (nothing new there), but the Tribune was, and put out a whole slew of little tidbits on it today. The highlight was two videos, one by Kevin Pang, and the other of WGN’s Dean Richardson. First of all, does anyone else call it “wiggin’,” or is it just us?

Second, did you know you can get WGN as far east as Albany, NY, for some reason? Third, KPang’s video is way better, since it’s filmed from first person perspective, and also, he has a sense of humor.

Marc Schulman of Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe gets interviewed in both clips, where he waxes poetic about how the inaugural 1980 Taste was the first time Eli’s sold their cheesecake outside of the store, and how they now sell their cheesecakes all over the world, and furthermore, that they’ve moved 1.7 million slices at Taste over the years. Which, when it comes right down to it, is not all that shocking. Sixty five thousand a year, or a thousand slices a day? Shrug. But Schulman goes on to say that “you don’t come here for the money,” which is certainly true. Oh, and in other news, there’s a push to make the Taste green this year. Environmentally, not sick from food sitting out in the sun all day. We can’t wait!

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[Photo: screencap from Kevin’s video, A little taste of Taste]


Taste Of Chicago Preview!