Surfing The Sun-Times: Fish and Pig Edition

Among all the things that are going to disappear completely in the next 50 years - Social Security, winter, our grandparents, fish - fish is clearly the most tragic. Jennifer Olvera leads the section with a piece on what we can do to slow the disappearance of our favorite seafood items. Sustainable fishing practices would be a good start, for example, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to stop heating up our oceans. On the consumer end, get acquainted with what species of fish are sustainably caught, and eat them instead of endangered fish, which seem to have the lion’s share of mercury, anyway. Speaking of, did you know that Chicken of the Sea sells cans of Mediterranean yellowtail tuna in olive oil? That company should really change its name; we think it’s vulgar, like Taco Bell’s “think outside the bun” campaign. Guess what? Tuna and tacos can stand on their own merits without being dumbed down via comparison with chicken and burgers, thank you very much.

But it can’t all be about fish, can it. Lisa Donovan reminds us that what people really like is hot dogs, especially at Wrigley and U.S. Cellular, where wieners are #1.

In other news, Hungry Hound Steve Dolinsky roasted a pig to raise money for his son’s school. A sly critique of capitalism, perhaps? Probably not - the pig was raised on milk only, injected with garlic, olive oil and white wine, and rubbed down with soy sauce and spices. Four hours later, eighty people “pigged out” on thirty pounds of pork. If we had been there, it would have only fed seventy people, and that’s the truth.

Aside from a profile of baker Courtney Dohman and the standard event listings, that about covers it for this week.

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Surfing The Sun-Times: Fish and Pig Edition