Skimming The Sun-Times: Father’s Day & Room 21

A little birdie told us that “review revue” is not a particularly accurate appellation for a round-up of non-critical (and we don’t mean unimportant) news articles, so we’re switching to more catholic descriptions like the one above when actual reviews aren’t involved. We’re still going to categorize these as “review revue,” though, for ease of organization. But we know the difference.

Today’s Sun-Times serves as a big fat reminder that Sunday is the day for venerating the patriarch, usually via displays of hypermasculine affectation: ties, power tools, steak. Yes, let’s start with steak: Sandy Thorn Clark suggests trying out new and exotic spice rubs and buying the highest grade meat you can afford, with a minimum of USDA Prime (yes, we know it’s expensive, but Dad’s worth it).

For fathers who don’t eat red meat, perhaps some sought-after salmon would do the trick. Lisa Donovan reminds us that it’s the last week of the ultrafatty Copper River salmon run, and you can pick a filet up for $20 a pound. (Incidentally, we had some last night and recommend eating it as close to raw as possible, like Kobe beef.) Maybe you can grill the fish using this new cedar paper wrap instead of aluminum foil - lets the fish breathe while it cooks, and imbues a delicate smoky flavor.

If Dad is as much of a baseball fan as he is a foodie, he might appreciate a Common Threads event being held at the Four Seasons on June 22nd, where the hotel’s exec chef Kevin Hickey will team up with Blackbird’s Paul Kahan to craft a menu with baseball themed dishes (sweetbread bratwurst with fennel mustard, for example) and other delicacies, to be followed by an auction of memorabilia. Your father had better appreciate it, since it’s $250, but at least it benefits a good cause.

Finally, hip, single Dads may want to head to Room 21, where they can revel in Jerry Kleimer’s old-illegal-liquor-warehouse/speakeasy-cum-supper-club and ogle the female scenesters. Leave the kids at home!

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[Photo: Copper River Salmon]


Skimming The Sun-Times: Father’s Day & Room 21