Saluting The Sun-Times: Rick Bayless, Sura, Hot Diggity Dog

And that’s only the beginning! This week’s edition is crammed with interesting features; aside from the ones we mentioned in the title, there’s also the Taste Of Chicago, hot new salts and peppers, eggplants, rices, and partridge and a pear tree (no, but that is a servable dish, wouldn’t you say?). To the material:

Sandy Thorn Clark writes a mash note to Ricky, who thoroughly deserves it. Everyone loves the man, and everyone loves his restaurants. He comes off as being humble and down-to-earth because he actually is both of those things. Not many other celebrity chef has pulled off Bayless’s angelic image. Plus, he’s down with the Radish Festival in Oaxaca, which is pretty hip in our book.

Speaking of lovin’, Denise O’Neal writes an unwaveringly positive review of Sura, the like of which we’ve never seen before. Well, we’re glad she enjoyed herself.

The final loving profile belongs to Joe Marisco of Hot Diggity Dog, serving just plain good Chicago-style hot dogs (and why not) in Streeterville to legions of tourists and regulars alike. The key to success? Remembering your customer’s orders, and keeping up with the rent.

So, Taste of Chicago is almost upon us, and the S-T wants us all to know about the Dominick’s Cooking Corner, where all sorts of demonstrations will be occurring during the festival. You can read for yourself what’s going to be happening there (we can’t do everything for you), but hint: Alpana Singh is involved. So now you’ll go, right?


Saluting The Sun-Times: Rick Bayless, Sura, Hot Diggity Dog