Review Revue: Reader @ Anteprima, Coalfire, Sura

This week, the Reader weighs in on three hot new restaurants that have seen a lot of coverage in our pages. Let’s get ‘em:

• Mike Sula is less than blown away by Anteprima, the rustItalian (may we? Why not, it’s Friday) in Andersonville. A good neighborhood “standby,” perhaps, but with one too many uneven pasta dishes on a packed Saturday night to deserve destination status at this early date. Incidentally, Sula loves the veal meatballs, which Heather Shouse of TOC likened yesterday to Chef Boyardee. To each their own, we guess. Anyway, Sula has faith that things here will continue to get better, so keep checking back.

• Martha Bayne agrees with most people that Coalfire makes pretty damn good pizza (when they’re not out of dough or under water). Things that could be improved: the occasional turn toward blandness, and the clunky service protocol (one’s table must be secured before ordering and paying at the counter). These issues are not stopping the hordes, however.

• Rob Christopher comes up with two more descriptors for Sura interior design: “Disney’s Tomorrowland” and “Apple computer commercial.” Add those to “insane asylum” and “a cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and an old ladies’ hairdressing salon circa 1975”, and you really start to get a mental image. Christopher does not believe that the quantity of tapas dishes on the menu makes up for their lack of consistent quality, and recommends larger plates like the pineapple pork chop ($10; not bad) as more reliable. And with a name that means liquor in Thai, who’da thunk it’s still BYO?

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Rustic Italian, Coal-Oven Pizza, and Thai Tapas [Reader]


Review Revue: Reader @ Anteprima, Coalfire, Sura