Restaurants Sue to Keep Calorie Info Out of Sight; Online Reservations Dominate

The New York State Restaurant Association sues the city to stop having to reveal calorie information. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

The days of making, and keeping, reservations off-line are over: OpenTable has come to dominate the restaurant business. [NYT]

In a Times op-ed, the Zagats plead for real regional Chinese cooking to come and save us from egg foo yong. It would be a revelation, they say — “Imagine … what it would be like to discover for the first time Memphis-style barbecue, New York deli food, soul food and Creole, Tex-Mex, Southwestern, California and Hawaiian cuisines all at once.” [NYT]

Tony Bourdain handicaps The Next Food Network Star contestants: “The judges hate [Amy] already — she’s a painful rebuke to everything they stand for — and a painful reminder of their dead, hollow souls.” [Ruhlman]
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Frank Bruni picks Hung to make the final two on Top Chef, and Howie and Joey to get the boot by midseason. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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If sitting at an office desk swigging absinthe isn’t your preferred mode of consuming the formerly forbidden liqueur, there are several high-end cocktail bars that know just how to handle it. [NYP]
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Did media-addicted ex-cop Bo Dietl’s pestering of David Chase cause Rao’s owner Frank Pellegrino to get whacked from The Sopranos? [NYP]

Not serving imported water is okay, but if a restaurant is really serious about going green these days, it needs to start installing solar panels. [Strong Buzz]
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Restaurants Sue to Keep Calorie Info Out of Sight; Online Reservations Dominate