Rereading The Reader: Room 21, Cordis Brothers Supper Club, Crust

Today’s Reader brings it on with three reviews of three hot new restaurants. Anne Spiselman leads off with a critique of Room 21, and comes to similar conclusions as previous reviewers: the restaurant is big, brashy and beautiful (if you like Kleiner’s idiom), and the food is hit or miss and fairly pricey. Overall impression was more positive than negative, though.

Mike Sula was a little more skeptical about Cordis Brothers Supper Club, and not sure about whether the brothers (Mike and Dan) has succeeded in their quest to create a modernized supper club. Close, maybe, but not fully realized: the steaks and fish were well-cooked and tasty enough, but the flavor profiles had an awkward time speaking to the present instead of the past. Still, it’s a chummy spot, and that recalls the supper club moment as much as the food could.

Meanwhile, Martha Bayne offers the best one-liners we’ve seen in a Crust review so far, positing that the flatbread-eria “seems bound and determined to rescue organic food from every hanging fern and wind chime that ever dogged its reputation,” and noting that the baby greens in her Sun Salad “had to have had their lives cut violently short that very day.” Sophisticated and fresh? Sounds good to us.

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Rereading The Reader: Room 21, Cordis Brothers Supper Club, Crust