Restroom Report

Reflecting on the Thai Toilets of Pukk and Peep

Peep this.
Peep this.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

It’s no secret that Thais are fly — Thai restaurants are generally outfitted with more bells and whistles than Santa Claus directing traffic. The interior design is especially crispy in the bathrooms (see Sea), and the ones at sister eateries Pukk and Peep are no exception. We visited them both for some very chic leaks.

What the Pukk?haha
Rating: 4 stars

Concept: The door is a one-way mirror; you can look out, but diners can’t see in.
Privacy: Flip the bird to anyone who approaches the door and tries to push it open. They won’t see.
Amenities: Ceiling speakers, an illuminated Buddha backed by infinity mirrors, and a video screen over the sink.
Drawbacks: The doors are inconveniently wedged between diners’ tables.
Strategy: We’re not saying to make creative use of the sink so you don’t miss any of the movie, but…

Rating: 2 stars


Concept: Byzantine delicateness via slate walls and gilded foil trim.

Privacy: A transparent strip at the top of the frosted-glass door means you spend your entire toilet time worrying Xiao Ming will walk by.

Amenities: The sink’s faucet and toggle project from a mirrored wall. And ceiling speakers, natch.

Drawbacks: Inconvenient placement at the end of the narrow restaurant and near the kitchen.

Strategy: The oval basin looks a lot like a toilet lid. Don’t try to pick it up — you break it, you bought it.


Reflecting on the Thai Toilets of Pukk and Peep