Photo Of The Day: Brick By Brick

We stumbled upon a particularly well-done little photo series at Brick, a nouveau restaurant that continually seems to pique our interest. Brick was recently honored by SF Weekly as having the Best Wacky Dessert: white chocolate mousse with mango, olive tapenade, goat cheese, sesame, and kumquat marmalade.

We couldn’t find a picture of that wackiness, but we did find this photo series via eGullet. There’s nothing we like better than food porn, and nothing makes better food porn than nouveau, molecular-gastronomy-ish restaurants like Brick.

Above: Confit Buffalo Wings, Root Slaw, Gorgonzola Foam

Tatsoi Panzanella, Guanciale, Apples, Pepitas, Pecorino

Organic Slow Roasted Quail, Smoked Fingerlings, Olive, Artichoke, Mango Purée

Strawberries, Cardamom Shortcake, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Brick, casual yet elegant [eGullet]
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Photo Of The Day: Brick By Brick